Upcoming Events
Nov 1 2018

Beto with Robstown Rally

Come enjoy music and entertainment with Congressman Beto O'Rourke in Robstown! Please join us to talk about this historic race for the US Senate before or after you cast your early vote. ...more
Nov 3 2018

Corpus Christi Round Robin TKD Championship

Come join us for the 26th annual Corpus Christi Taekwondo Championship featuring the “round robin competition.” This competition is sparring only! This allows fighters to come to a tournament and compete against everyone in their division. ...more
Nov 3-4 2018

Jurassic Tour

Embark on a prehistoric journey from the Jurassic, Triassic, and Cretaceous periods and discover the dinosaurs that ruled the earth for more than 150 million years ago! With over 50 life-size ultrarealistic dinosaurs in their natural habitat. ...more
Nov 9 2018

The City of Robstown Veterans Day Observance

The City of Robstown welcomes everyone on November 9, 2018, for the City of Robstown Veterans Day Observance. ...more
Nov 9-11 2018

The Peddler Show

Start preparing your home for Thanksgiving festivities with handmade home décor, and shop for the latest in fall fashions! Start knocking gifts off your holiday shopping list. With customization and personalization onsite, you can find anything and ...more
Nov 16-17 2018

South Texas Heritage Sale

Welcome to the South Texas Heritage Sale. We are proud to present our 5th offering of Santa Gertrudis and Star5 females. Once again, we offering a large selection of high-quality cattle. Open and free to the public. ...more
Nov 17-18 2018

SAXET Gun Show

Filled to capacity with a huge variety of firearms, accessories, ammunition, knives, tactical gear, hunting and target sports products, worthwhile organizations and much. ...more
Nov 17 2018

Old School Cheer Fall National

Join us this November 17th at the Richard M. Borchard Regional Fairgrounds in the Central Pavilion Arena for Old School Cheer Fall National! ...more
Nov 23 2018

23rd Annual Bad to the Bone Thanksgiving Roping

Join us for the 23rd Annual Bad to the Bone Thanksgiving Roping on Friday, November 23rd!!! ...more