Upcoming Events
Feb 24-25 2018

SAXET Gun Show

Filled to capacity with a huge variety of firearms, accessories, ammunition, knives, tactical gear, hunting and target sports products, worthwhile organizations, and much more. ...more
Feb 24-25 2018

Old School Cheer National Championship

Old School Cheer National Championship coming to the RMB Regional Fairgrounds. ...more
Feb 2-3 2018


Roping, Bull Riding, BBQ Cook-Off, and much more! ...more
Feb 16-18 2018

The Peddler Show

Find unique merchandise for your home, health, wardrobe, and family all at the Richard M. Borchard Regional Fairgrounds! ...more
Feb 3 2018

Wrestling - Viva La Raza

Robstown, TX! The IWR presents "Viva La Raza" on February 3rd! Featuring Rey Mysterio Jr. VS Chavo Guerrero Jr., Vickie Guerrero, Juventud Guerrera, MVP, Colt Cabana and so much more! ...more